graphic design jobs chicago area

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In keeping with the business trend of the period, Chanel acquired several smaller fashion companies during the 1990s. In 1996, Chanel launched the "Allure" fragrance, and after its immense popularity, launched a men's version, "Allure Homme" in 1998. In 1997, Chanel acquired the French beachwear company Eres, and in 1999 launched its first skin care line, "Precision. " Under a license agreement with Luxottica, Chanel introduced a line of sunglasses and spectacle frames in 1999. Chanel achieved greater heights with the onset of the 21st century. In the millennium year 2000, Chanel launched the first unisex watch, the J12, a revolutionary watch that scores many successes. In the year 2001, Chanel acquired the watch maker Bell and Ross. In 2002, Chanel launched a new fragrance marketed as "Chance. " July 2002 saw the opening in Madison Avenue of Chanel's jewelry and watch flagship store, followed soon afterwards by a shoes and handbags boutique next door. Year 2003, saw a surge in popularity of Chanel haute couture, that the company opened a second shop on rue Cambon. Expansion in the Asian markets, saw the opening of a new Chanel boutique in the Prince's Building, in Central Hong Kong and the acquiring of a $50 million building in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo, Japan.


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Maybe youfre struggling with UI design when you really would prefer packaging or are sick of advertising and would be more suited to focus on publication or web design.

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graphic design jobs chicago area

“ Special attention will be paid to This course focuses on digital graphic design theory and its application to web design. ”