graphic designer colleges in utah

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William Morris, who grew up along the English countryside, was the son of a wine importer, who published his first volume of poems by the time he reached 24. During his time at Exeter College, he and a friend by the name of Edward Burne Jones were intending on joining the ministry. Not long after graduating however, they both realized they wanted to become artists and because of the wealth of Morris’s father he was able to experiment as much as he desired. After Morris got married, he and his wife moved into a house that was built for them, and by helping to design and furnish the interior, Morris became inspired and joined a decorating firm in which anything from glass windows to furniture and fabrics were designed. Inspired by his firm and work, a group called the Century Guild consisting of a few young designers and artists, decided to create a magazine called The Century Guild Hobby Horse which consisted of many art pieces and articles relating to the arts and craft movement, along with the decadent movement and some art nouveau. Its paper was handmade, and included woodblock illustrations, which the served the arts and craft movement advocates well.


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These incorporated legends like Marlin Brando and James Dean.

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graphic designer colleges in utah

“ Part of becoming a great designer is learning the application side of things, such as signage, trade shows, car wraps, window graphics, channel lettering, dimensional lettering, etc. ”